Seminar 9/3/18: A numerical study of in-plane wave propagation in mooring cables

A numerical study of in-plane wave propagation in mooring cables
Biswajit Basu
Trinity College Dublin
Friday 9 March 2018
2.15pm, Blue Room, 4th floor, Main Building, DIT Kevin Street


This talk focuses on wave propagation in mooring cables. For cables in ocean applications, there are three sources of nonlinearities affecting the cable response: the hydrodynamic effect, geometric stiffening effect, and seabed effect. To this end, numerical solutions are pursued, where the partial differential equations describing the dynamics of the submerged mooring cable are formulated in Lagrangian coordinates and solved using space-time finite difference methods. Specifically, a two-dimensional cable is considered and the wave propagation is studied when the cable is subjected to harmonic excitation at the fairlead. The wave propagation with seabed effects is also compared to that in a fully suspended cable. The nonlinear mechanisms governing the propagation of waves are discussed based on the numerical results. Further, some results on hydrodynamic analysis using Lagrangian based smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) are presented. Comparisons are made with some recent results and the impact of nonlinear hydrodynamics on offshore applications is emphasized.