Research in the School of Mathematical Sciences spans pure & applied mathematics, statistics and operations research. Staff are actively engaged in research at the forefront of their fields and the School fosters and supports all forms of scholarship. Research informs all aspects of the School's activities, particularly its teaching, and postgraduate students are a vital part of the research ethos.

Research Opportunities

Postgraduate education is fundamental to the activities of the School and postgraduate students are active participants in the research community. The School offers opportunities for postgraduate study in mathematical sciences and statistics towards the degrees of MPhil and PhD on either a part-time or a full-time basis. Information about the areas of current research activity in the School can be found below and those interested in postgraduate study should contact individual researchers to discuss opportunities.

In addition, information about research degrees can be found on the programme page and examples of typical research projects can be found here on the Graduate Research School webpages.

Mathematical Sciences Research Group

Research in the School of Mathematical Sciences is brought together through the Mathematical Sciences Research Group. The group encompasses research across Mathematical Sciences and strongly encourages collaboration between members of the School and external researchers, research centres and industry. Select any of the research areas below to find out more about the work in that area.

Areas of research activity

Fluid Mechanics: Prandtl boundary layers; slow viscous flows; rotationally-driven flows; nonlinear water waves; wave-current interactions; fluid flows with vorticity; boundary layers; applications to melt-spinning processes.
Researchers: John Butler; Chris Hills; Rossen Ivanov; Brendan Redmond
Collaborators: Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute (ESHI)

Functional Analysis, Algebra & Geometry: finite geometry; combinatorics; coding theory; infinite-dimensional holomorphy; applications of functional analysis; topological & geometric methods in group theory .
Researchers: Milena Venkova; Colum Watt

Mathematical Modelling & Simulation: theoretical neuroscience; signal processing; computational statistics; modelling of problems in physics or biotechnology; nonlinear dynamical systems & differential equations; computational finance; numerical analysis.
Researchers: John Butler; Alberto Caimo; Dana Mackey; Stephen O'Sullivan
Collaborators: Chris Hills; Rossen Ivanov; Brendan Redmond; Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute (ESHI); Industrial & Engineering Optics (IEO); Facility for Optical Characterisation & Spectroscopy (FOCAS)

Mathematical Physics: quantum field theory in curved space-times; integrable systems and solitons; Lagrangian & Hamiltonian mechanics; high-energy astrophysics; star formation; high-performance computing in mathematical physics; quantum, classical & topological field theory; general relativity & cosmology.
Researchers: Cormac Breen; Rossen Ivanov; Stephen O'Sullivan; Emil Prodanov

Statistics: bioinformatics; Bayes factor; bootstrapping; Bayesian analysis; statistical network analysis; regression models with random effects; survival analysis & frailty; classification methods.
Researchers: John Butler; Alberto Caimo; Joe Condon
Collaborators: Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute (ESHI)

Mathematics Education: diagnostic testing; the transition to third level education; the impact of the Project Maths curriculum on third level education; problem-based learning in mathematics; online assessment.
Researchers: Cormac Breen; Blathnaid Sheridan
Collaborators: Dana Mackey; Milena Venkova; Mathematics Learning Support Centre (MLSC); Learning, Teaching & Technology Centre (LTTC)

Research publications

Research publications from the School of Mathematical Sciences can be found on the Arrow research repository.