Part-time undergraduate programmes

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The School of Mathematical Sciences offers a series of part-time undergraduate degrees that enable learners to build their qualifications step-by-step.

Our part-time programmes are delivered in the evenings on the Kevin Street campus. They are designed to help learners balance work, home life and study. Our experienced lecturers are familiar with the demands of studying programmes part-time and the challenges of returning to education and our stage coordinators are there to support you throughout your studies.

Mathematics graduates are highly sought after by employers. Studying mathematics part-time in the School of Mathematical Sciences allows you to improve your qualifications, retrain and upskill, or extend your career opportunities. We offer a ladder of extremely flexible and valuable qualifications from higher certificates to ordinary and honours degrees. There are also opportunities for postgraduate study in the School.

DT6248 Higher Certificate Mathematics

The programme is designed for those with an interest in the mathematical sciences or who require a better understanding of mathematics for their jobs and wish to improve their mathematical skills for their future career. The programme is suitable for individuals who have already studied some mathematics at third level within another discipline. Graduates of the programme are eligible to enter the part-time ordinary degree programme in Mathematics. More information...

DT7248 BSc Ordinary Mathematics

A degree in mathematics is highly sought after by many employers and produces extremely flexible graduates. This programme provides a core of modern mathematics that is ideal for second-level teachers, professionals in industry, commerce and public services or those wishing to upskill and embark upon new careers in emerging and rapidly growing sectors. Graduates of the programme are also eligible to enter the part-time or full-time honours degree programmes. More information...

DT8248 BSc Honours Mathematics

The programme is suitable for anyone with an interest in mathematics or who wishes to develop their mathematical understanding from general or pass degree to honours-degree level. Advanced mathematical skills and the ability to apply mathematics to problems are extremely important modern graduate attributes and graduates of this programme will be in a good position to advance their current careers or embark on high achieving careers in industry, commerce, the teaching and other professions, and the public sector. Graduates are also eligible to proceed to graduate study and research in mathematical sciences. More information...

Indicative syllabus for the modules on each of the programmes DT6248, DT7248, DT8248 can be found here.

Graduate Testimonial

Michael M., graduate

I started the Higher Certificate in Mathematics in 2011, I completed the BSc Ord in 2015 and now I am on the BSc Hons programme. I like the way the course is structured, a qualification is obtained every two years and each qualification builds on the last.

This programme has been of enormous benefit to me. ... The company I work for has also benefited. For example, in the past I carried out lab test procedures now I can contribute to developing new ones. The knowledge I gained has allowed me to fill a skills gap.

As well as the personal enjoyment, this course has not only opened up new career paths but has made me aware of opportunities and ideas I never knew existed. It's funny to think the subject I feared is now the one I enjoy the most and is the one that's pushing me forward.

I continue to find the whole programme brilliant and highly recommend it. The lecturers are excellent and very helpful. This part-time maths programme is top quality, it's both challenging and rewarding. DIT is a great place to study.