Full-time undergraduate programmes

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The School of Mathematical Sciences offers two full-time undergraduate programmes: DT205 BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences and DT220 BSc (Hons) Industrial Mathematics.

Both are four-year programmes and graduates are awarded an honours degree with classification. We accept applications through CAO as well as applications from mature, non-standard and international students.

The programmes are designed to develop high-level reasoning, an in-depth knowledge, understanding and appreciation of mathematical sciences and its applications, and the transferrable skills that are required in the modern, technological workplace. The programmes are delivered by experienced, approachable lectures and use mathematical modelling, statistical data analysis and industry software to ensure that our highly-skilled, flexible graduates possess the problem-solving, analytical and ICT skills required to embark upon high-achieiving careers in financial services, data analysis, statistics, ICT, applied technologies, teaching, and many other sectors.

Both programmes, DT205 and DT220, provide a work placement in the third year of study. The work placement is an exciting and invaluable opportunity for students to develop transferrable skills for their future career and appreciate the importance of mathematics in many industries.

In the final year of study, students of the two full-time undergraduate programme undertake a major project. The project provides an in-depth study of a topic of particular interest and develops not only a student's advanced knowledge of the topic but also the research and communication skills much sought after by employers.

Throughout the programmes, our stage coordinators are there to support students and provide feedback during their studies.

DT205 BSc Honours Mathematical Sciences

The programme DT205 BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences is a broad-based mathematics degree which develops a deep knowledge and understanding of all branches of mathematics from pure and applied mathematics to statistics and operations research. The programme emphasises the applications of mathematical principles to real-world problems through mathematical modelling and practical problem solving. Graduates of the programme possess highly-developed analytical and problem-solving skills and are well placed to embark on high-achieving careers in science, industry, commerce, teaching, the public sector and other professions. Graduates of the programme are also qualified to proceed to graduate study and higher degrees by research. More information...

DT220 BSc Honours Industrial Mathematics

Graduates of the programme DT220 BSc (Hons) Industrial Mathematics are ideally prepared for careers as mathematicians in business and industry. Mathematicians are found throughout industry and the ability to apply mathematical rigour and problem-solving techniques in analytical roles within industry ensures that mathematical graduates are in high-demand across a wide range of industries. The programme builds upon a broad-based introduction to mathematical sciences, specialising in latter years in mathematical topics that are of particular relevance and importance to careers in industry. In addition to developing a deep technical understanding of mathematics and its application to real-world problems, the programme develops the knowledge and non-technical skills required by employers. More information...

Graduate Testimonial

Sorcha O., BSc (Hons) graduate

After studying BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences at DIT, I highly recommend the course to any student wishing to open as many doors as possible in their career path. Having dabbled in various areas over my short career, I don’t believe it would have been possible without this degree. From my experience, when competition is high and graduate jobs are low, you really need something that sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. Having a Mathematical Science degree tells employers that you’re likely to have the ability to understand and solve complex problems and be technology savvy... To give you a flavour of some other professions that my graduate year pursued; there are teachers, statisticians, business analysts, programmers and financial analysts, to name a few. This list is far from exhaustive as there is a huge range of opportunities...