Continuing professional development programmes

For information about DT8998 Data Analysis for Professionals or DT9002 PGCert Applied Statistics, contact:
Fiona Murray
Programme Coordinator
(+353) 1 402 4827
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For information about individual CPD modules, contact:
Maev Maguire
(+353) 1 402 4842
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The School of Mathematical Sciences offers opportunities to study mathematics as Continuing Professional Development, designed to upskill, retrain, and accelerate career progression. We also strongly encourage individuals wishing to study mathematics and statistics as a fascinating, practical and enjoyable branch of knowledge. Mathematics is everywhere and our Continuing Professional Development modules cover topics across mathematical sciences from pure and applied mathematics to statistics and operations research.

The School of Mathematical Sciences has been successful in offering programmes under labour market activation initiatives, such as Springboard, since their inception in 2009. Many of these programmes are also available for self-funding students. In particular, the School of Mathematical Sciences offers DT8998 CPD Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals, a year-long, part-time programme designed to give learners the skills required to become successful data analysts in modern companies and DT9002 PG Cert Applied Statistics, an applied statistics programme that teaches the statistical skills fundamental to important business roles such as identifying customer, consumer and population trends, modelling and predicting likely future behaviour and extracting important quantitative information from data sets.

DT9002 Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

Advanced statistical skills and the ability to apply these to data sets and problems are vital modern graduate attributes. The programme DT9002 Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Statistics is a part-time postgraduate programme specifically designed to provide professionals with the highly specialised statistical skills required across a wide variety of sectors, such as, the insurance, banking, health care, enterprise software, internet technology, manufacturing and the public sector. It is delivered in the evenings over one academic year, allowing students to study flexibly and balance study with their lives. It is a single-stage programme covering a range of modern topics in statistics and is suitable for professionals who wish to learn statistics for the first time or build on their existing knowledge and skills set. The programme is a blend of underlying theory and practise with an emphasis on the use of modern software packages, such as R. Graduates of the programme will be skilled practitioners in the area of applied statistical modelling with experience of using current software and a solid grounding in the concepts underpinning statistics analysis. Graduates will possess enhanced problem solving and decision making skills and will build and strengthen their analytical capabilities. More information...

DT8998 CPD Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals

This programme is suitable for individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, e.g. business, accountancy and finance, science or engineering. It develops participants' core skills in statistical data analysis – how to interpret a data set and how best to draw conclusions, represent the data and the results of the analysis. The programme uses a blend of theory and practise (using modern software packages, such as R) enhances problem-solving and decision-making skills. An important component of the diploma is a business case study project, where students work in groups to apply their learning to an industry-based data set. More information...

Individual CPD modules

Modules at all levels from higher certificate to honours degree and masters level are available to be studied either individually or in combination as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules for suitably qualified applicants. CPD modules allow students to choose bespoke study pathways to address specific knowledge and learning needs, e.g. to progress their career, meet promotion requirements or gain professional exemptions. Successful students receive a CPD certificate indicating the successful completion of the module. Indicative syllabus for modules on each of the programmes offerd by the School of Mathematical Sciences can be found here. For more information, please contact Maev Maguire, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (+353) 1 4024842.