15 Sept 2015: Welcome to our new first-year students

We are delighted to welcome a large number of new faces onto our full-time undergraduate programmes BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences and BSc (Hons) Industrial Mathematics.  The programmes continue to go from strength to strength with over thirty-five new students expected to register on the programmes.  The new students are due to graduate in 2019 from our brand new campus in Grangegorman.

We wish all new students on all our programmes best of luck and hope they enjoy their studies making many new friends along the way.  Details of the programmes in the School can be found at http://www.maths.dit.ie/index.php/programmes.

15 Sept 2015: MLSC revision sessions & 2015/2016 calendar

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre will open for the new academic year from 21 September 2015.  Details of opening times, revision sessions and other invaluable help can be found on the centre's website: http://www.dit.ie/mslc.

15 Sept 2015: Welcome to Science without Borders students

Students from Brazil will be joining the School's full-time undergraduate programmes for 2015/2016 under the Science without Borders programme.

15 Sept 2015: Launch of new MSc & CPD programmes

The School's two new MSc programmes, MSc Applied Mathematics and MSc Mathematical Physics, have now been launched and welcomed their first students on 14 September 2015. 

The programmes offer opportunities for postgraduate study in mathematics to students from a wide range of backgrounds.  The programmes can be studied both full-time and part-time and cover a broad range of topics in applied mathematics and mathematical physics.  The first students will graduate in 2017 and will have not only developed an advanced level of mathematical knowledge and transferable, practical skills — relevant to problem solving and needed in many professions and careers — but also deepened their understanding and appreciation of fundamental branches of mathematics.  More information on the programmes can be found at http://www.maths.dit.ie/index.php/programmes

In addition, the School welcomed the first students to register on its continuing professional development programme CPD Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals.  Students on this programme, many funded under the Springboard initiative, will learn the advanced analytical and problem-solving skills suitable to enter roles in data analysis and gain first-hand experience of applying these skills to realistic data sets. More information on this programme can also be found at http://www.maths.dit.ie/index.php/programmes

15 Sept 2015: Garrett Greene & Nicola Pace join the School

The School of Mathematical Sciences, DIT, is delighted to welcome Dr Garrett Greene and Dr Nicola Pace to the School for the start of the academic year 2015/2016.  We wish them every success in their new roles in the School.