22 Feb 2016: Data Analysis for Professionals students undertake projects with business partners

Students on the School's new continuing professional development programme, CPD Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals, have begun their Business Case Studies projects with our business partners.

During these projects, teams of students will meet with the representatives of the partner businesses (LexisNexis and Analytic Partners in 2016) to receive real-world data sets and discuss the information and type of analysis required by the company. Using the knowledge, techniques and skills that they have learned over the course of their studies, the teams will analyse the data and report their findings to the partner companies. Not only will our students gain valuable experience of data analysis in a realistic business setting but also our industry partners will gain from their insights.

LexisNexis and Analytic Partners join a list of companies and graduate employers with which the School maintains close relationships through work placements, alumni, part-time students, the careers showcase and CPD opportunities.

26 Jan 2016: The School welcomes to its staff a new lecturer in statistics, Dr Alberto Caimo

The School of Mathematical Sciences is delighted to welcome Dr Alberto Caimo who has recently been appointed as a lecturer in statistics.

Alberto is an expert in the development and implementation of statistical modelling and inferential approaches for relational data in a wide variety of applications. His work is very interdisciplinary and he has been an important contributor in many productive academic collaborations. His work also includes the development of efficient Monte Carlo methods for complex statistical network models and he has previously worked at University of Lugano and Maynooth University.

We wish Alberto every success in his future research and his teaching as a lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology.

26 Jan 2016: Third-year full-time students start their work placements

This January, students of the School's two full-time undergraduate honours programmes BSc Mathematical Sciences and BSc Industrial Mathematics will begin their work placements. The Work Placement module is an invaluable part of all students' studies which allows them not only to apply the knowledge and skills which they have developed during their programmes to industrial, business and other professional workplaces but also to gain practical experience and insight into future career opportunities. The School's programmes emphasise professional development including the development of practical problem-solving skills through case studies, modelling and computer laboratories to ensure that our graduates are career ready. The Work Placement module, by exposing students to real-world problems from a variety of employment sectors, allows graduates to make the best choices upon graduation.

The School wishes all its students the best of luck on this element of their programme.

26 Jan 2016: Prof Weng visits from the School's erasmus partner, Hochschule für Technik, Stuttgart

On Monday 25 January, the School welcomed Professor Annegret Weng from Hochschule für Technik, Stuttgart. Hochschule für Technik is a valued Erasmus partner of the School of Mathematical Sciences and each year we exchange students between our programmes, offering an opportunity to broaden the experience and learning of those undergraduates.

During her visit, Annegret met with the School Executive and the coordinator of the Mathematics Learning Support Centre to exchange information and discuss the development of our relationship. Professor Weng also met students on the full-time undergraduate programmes, BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences and BSc (Hons) Industrial Mathematics, to tell them more about Hochschule für Technik and to publicise its mathematics summer school.  Several of the School's students have previously attended this summer school in Stuttgart. The visit was extremely successful, strengthening links between our institutions and providing valuable information to students on our full-time undergraduate programmes.

26 Jan 2016: School to host reception for part-time students

The School of Mathematical Sciences will this March, once again, be hosting a reception for its part-time students including those studying the CPD Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals, MSc Applied Mathematics, MSc Mathematical Physics, H Cert Mathematics, BSc Mathematics and BSc (Hons) Mathematics.

It is an informal event that allows students to socialise with other students on not only their own but also on other programmes in the School and find out about future opportunities for study. Many of the School's graduates of part-time programmes go on to undertake further degrees, including degrees by research.

Lecturers from the School, many involved in evening teaching to part-time students, will attend the reception and, as well as an enjoyable social occasion, it will also build valuable links with the School's future alumni.