7 Apr 2016: New Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Statistics programme to be offered

The School of Mathematical Sciences is to launch a new programme DT9002 Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Statistics has been successfully validated and will be offered to students from September 2016. It is a part-time postgraduate programme offered in the evenings over one academic year, allowing students to study flexibly and balance study with their lives. The focus of the programme is to provide professionals with the highly specialised statistical skills required across a wide variety of sectors, such as, the insurance, banking, health care, enterprise software, internet technology, manufacturing and the public sector. Statistics is fundamental to identifying customer, consumer and population trends, to modelling and predicting likely future behaviour and to extracting important quantitative information from data sets. The programme will produce graduates who are skilled practitioners in the area of applied statistical modelling. Students will gain experience of using current software and gain a solid grounding in the concepts underpinning statistics analysis. Graduates will possess enhanced problem solving and decision making skills and will build and strengthen their analytical capabilities.

More information will shortly appear under the School's Continuing Professional Development programme portfolio or more information can be found by contacting Dr Fiona Murray, Programme Coordinator,(+353) 1 402 4827, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7 Apr 2016: Dr Nicola Pace to give UCD Algebra & Number Theory seminar

On Monday 11 April, Dr Nicola Pace of the School of Mathematical Sciences, DIT, will be giving the UCD Algebra and Number Theory Seminar. He will be speaking about Permutation decoding of linear error-correcting codes.

Linear error-correcting codes with large automorphism groups are of interest from different points of view. Geometrically, they correspond to sets of points in a projective space with many symmetries. From a coding theory point of view, a large automorphism group can reduce the number of computations needed for encoding and decoding. In 1964, MacWilliams developed a method, called permutation decoding, that is feasible when a sufficiently large automorphism group ensures the existence of a set of automorphisms, called a PD-set, with specific properties. In his talk, Dr Pace will consider linear codes with a prescribed automorphism group and use these examples to illustrate computational approaches to some problems.

22 Feb 2016: CAO open day at the College of Sciences & Health

The College of Sciences & Health will be hosting an open day for CAO applicants that have selected mathematics and science programmes at DIT on 9 April 2016. The open day will take place in the Gleeson Hall on the Kevin Street campus of Dublin Institute of Technology. Applicants will have an opportunity to speak to lecturers, meet student ambassadors, attend information talks and take a tour of the buildings. In particular, the Mathematics Learning Support Centre will be represented and staff will be on hand to discuss full-time undergraduate programmes, DT205 Mathematical Sciences and DT220 Industrial Mathematics, as well as other study opportunities, careers and progression routes in the School of Mathematical Sciences'.

7 Apr 2016: MLSC hosts transition year students

On the March 3 2016, as part of the College of Science and Health’s Transition Year week, the School of Mathematical Sciences and the Mathematics Learning Support Centre hosted eight Transition Year students from several Dublin schools including Firhouse Community College and Sancta Maria College in Rathfarnham. The students took part in mathematical demonstrations and games designed to raise interest in and awareness of mathematics and its applications. Activities undertaken included building the Platonic Solids, encoding messages using binary numbers and solving mathematical puzzles.

Transition year students working in the Mathematics Learning Support Centre

22 Feb 2016: Women in Science reception at Áras an Uachtaráin

Dr Susan Lazarus, a lecturer in the School of Mathematical Sciences, recently attended the Women in Science reception hosted by President Higgins at Áras an Uachtaráin. It was an extremely enjoyable event at which each of the Schools of the College of Sciences & Health, DIT, was represented.

President Higgins meeting representatives of the College of Sciences & Health, DIT