13 Oct 2018: Alan Compelli receives doctorate

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Alan Compelli became the School of Mathematical Sciences' latest person to receive their doctorate in mathematical sciences. Alan previously studied part-time at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels on the School's programmes before winning a DIT Forsaigh scholarship to study for a PhD.

The graduation took place in the surroundings of St Patrick's Cathedral on 13 October during the ceremony for graduates from the College of Sciences and Health. It was a happy occasion surrounded by family and friends.

Alan's doctorate was supervised by Dr Rossen Ivanov and concerned fluid dynamical models of geophysical waves. It is an immensely interesting and important area of research with implications for the study of tsunamis and the effects of climate change. Alan has now been appointed to a postdoctoral position at UCC and will be collaborating with Dr David Henry. We congratulate him on his research achievements and graduation and wish him every success in the future!

Alan Compelli, the School of Mathematical Sciences' newest doctorate, with the President, Prof Brian Norton, the Head of School, Dr Chris Hills, and his supervisor, Dr Rossen Ivanov.