10 May 2017: Data analysis students make presentations to industry

Students of the School's programme, DT8998 Data Analysis for Professionals, recently made their final case study presentations to industry.

DT8998 Data Analysis for Professionals is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme that provides the data analysis skills required for those working in sectors such as business, accounting and finance, science and engineering. It develops in graduates an advanced set of core mathematical and statistical skills, including: how to interpret a data set; how to extract ctiical information from large data sets; and how to represent optimally the data and results of an analysis. The programme also develops the analytical and decision-making skills required to work in the area together with a proficiency in relevant modern software tools.

Students experience first-hand the use of data analysis to inform decision making within companies through an industry-linked business case study project. Throughout the industry-sourced case study, students are mentored to deliver relevant conclusions and the case study culminates in a presentation of results to the "client".