1 Nov 2016: Mathsweek 2017 @ the School of Mathematical Sciences

Mathsweek 2016 at DIT

The School of Mathematical Sciences, DIT, once again hosted events to mark national MathsWeek. Hundreds of school children from first-year and second-year of secondary school and fifth and sixth class of primary school came to DIT, Kevin Street to enjoy puzzles, games and challenges designed to explore and have fun learning about mathematics and its applications, guided by staff and students of the School of Mathematical Sciences. In the last two years, approximately one thousand school children have taken part in School of Mathematics, DIT, Mathsweek events.

Entertainment was also provided by two external speakers, Dr James Tanton and Dr Ken Farquhar, who captivated their audiences with a mix of magic, tricks and comedy.

Over a quarter of a million people get involved in MathsWeek each year and more information can be found at Mathsweek.

Click to enlarge the images below. Mathsweek 2016 at DITMathsweek 2016 at DITMathsweek 2016 at DIT