Careers & Testimonials

Mathematics graduates are highly-valued by employers for their logical and analytical approach to problem solving. They find careers in highly-technical roles in sectors such as finance, data analysis, supply-chain management, ICT, research & development, meteorology, education and many, many more. Graduates with degrees in mathematics are extremely flexible and able to adapt to current employment trends and contribute to growth sectors.

The School of Mathematical Sciences has an extremely high percentage of graduates who find immediately employment or continue for further study. The work experience our full-time undergraduates gain as part of their studies is invaluable in allowing them to choose the sector of employment they wish to pursue and to develop the skills needed in the workplace and in demand by employers. Examples of careers for mathematics graduates can be found here

Graduate Testimonials

Sorcha O., BSc (Hons) graduate

After studying BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences at DIT, I highly recommend the course to any student wishing to open as many doors as possible in their career path. Having dabbled in various areas over my short career, I don’t believe it would have been possible without this degree. From my experience, when competition is high and graduate jobs are low, you really need something that sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. Having a Mathematical Science degree tells employers that you’re likely to have the ability to understand and solve complex problems and be technology savvy... To give you a flavour of some other professions that my graduate year pursued; there are teachers, statisticians, business analysts, programmers and financial analysts, to name a few. This list is far from exhaustive as there is a huge range of opportunities...

Jim M., part-time BSc (Hons) graduate

I've found my time studying in DIT both personally rewarding and highly useful in my day-to-day teaching. Lecturers are very approachable and supportive of students ... And while the general broadening of one's mathematical knowledge and skills is of benefit to one's teaching, I have found some specific aspects of the course content taught at DIT to be motivators of syllabi changes and extra-curricular activities in my own school ... Any teacher interested in further study of Maths will not be disappointed after studying at DIT.

Alan C., MSc graduate

I chose this programme due to the convenient location and lecture times and the broad range of modules. The course material was interesting and delivered enthusiastically, the lecturing staff were very friendly and approachable and the support during the dissertation module was excellent.... Since completing the programme I have obtained funding as a full-time research student in the area of my MSc dissertation which I would not otherwise have received and hope to go on to work in an academic career.

Keith B., BSc (Hons) graduate

I've always had an interest in Mathematics so Mathematical Science in DIT was a great choice of course for me. The course itself is structured in such a way as to appeal to anyone with an interest in Mathematics and its applications.... Overall the course strikes the perfect balance between pure mathematics, more practical aspects, such as Financial Maths and Statistics, and computer oriented modules... the personal approach of the staff help to create an environment that is conducive to learning and this enhances the educational experience.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in Mathematics and its applications...

Sean O., BSc graduate

Like many students finishing sixth year, I didn't really know what I wanted to do after the Leaving Cert.... I was lucky enough to find Mathematical Sciences at DIT. A degree in maths can open doors to many areas of employment and this allowed me to go into the course knowing that I would not be locked into any specific type of job on finishing college. The course allowed me to experience many different areas of maths so when it came time to pick options for third year I found it easy to choose because I had seen each area had practical uses and knew what areas of industry they would be suited to.... The lecturers went out of their way to make sure that everyone felt at ease... They were always on hand to help if I had difficulty with a topic.

Derek W., part-time BSc graduate

The location is handy and the lecturers were great; always willing to answer questions before and after class if needed. They were friendly and genuinely interested in our progress...

I had a different perspective as a mature, part-time student; putting in precious time, money and effort to achieve a clear, personal goal. I hoped to improve my teaching application with this degree, and it worked. I went on to teach for several years and then lecture in financial maths at DBS. However, the main takeaway from this course for me was the change of mindset. My confidence in maths and problem solving greatly improved. I have since left teaching to pursue an MBA in China and study at Columbia Business School in New York. The self-confidence and transferable skills developed during this degree I'm sure will continue to shape my future career.

Torlach R., part-time BSc (Hons) graduate

Having completed the course DT8248, I can say this was a positive and rewarding experience. Throughout this stage, and previous, I have been impressed with, in particular, the level of guidance and support by the tutors, and the number of choices in terms of topics offered by each of the stages. I entered the program with no clear goals, other than wanting to know more mathematics, but the outcome is that I can now pursue a career goal of transitioning from software engineer to being a data engineer or data scientist, something that is highly valuable in today's working environment.

Jim M., part-time MSc graduate

[The] programme has allowed me to achieve a long-term goal of achieving a Masters qualification in a mathematical discipline while still working full-time. ... The teaching staff are engaged in a wide variety of research so the choosing and completion of a dissertation in a specific topic is more manageable and less daunting than it might first appear to be. ... If you’re working full-time and want to broaden and deepen your mathematical knowledge but are concerned about the challenge and cost that this might pose, then DIT might well be place for you to take that next step. It was for me.